Unsafe computer users:Prosecute

victims of computer viruses should be prosecuted.

In todays world,Internet is playing a vital role in everyone's life and that unprotected computers are at risk from computer viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware, and malware in general. Security software is everywhere.An estimated 90 percent of all email is spam. That's nine out of 10 phone calls you receive coming from telemarketers, or 54 minutes of every one-hour television show taken up by commercials. What would you do about that?Antivirus and firewall software is so widely available that it is a complete mystery why anyone would not have it. Since most software either upgrades itself or prompts the user to install upgrades, there is no reason not to have the latest and most secure versions. Responsible computer users know not to click on strange attachments in emails from mysterious senders but antivirus software has become so dummy-proof that it will intercept viruses from attachments users click on anyway (assuming the antivirus software is up-to-date, that is).

What should be the punishment that fits the crime, you ask? Long and Hard prison time is tempting, but the prisons are already overcrowded with criminals far less disruptive to society than spammers. Revoking Internet access goes without saying. Perhaps a more appropriate punishment would be on the scale of that given to the mythological Sisyphus. But instead of having to roll a stone to the top of a hill only to have it roll back down again for all of eternity, let the spambot owners be damned to cleaning out an inbox only to have it filled back up with spam over and over and over again.
Do you think all this can stop it??????



February 3, 2009 at 3:30 PM

Hats off to you Sir!!
Your blog is very simple yet thought provoking...I fully agree your point made here in this posts... We should spread awareness to darkest corners on how to safeguard from these spammers through mass-media...I'll too add a column on how to stop spams so that we can reduce victims atleast....

Great blog Sir,
Keep going...