Speed Up The File Search Indexing

Speed Up The File Search Indexing

We can configure the indexing of windows to make the search fast. We can exclude the zip file while searching. We can do this in following ways:

From the Start menu's Run dialog, enter this command:

                         regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll.
then enter
                         regsvr32 /u cabview.dll.
Then restart the windows.

Completely Disable Indexing
If you’d prefer to completely disable the indexing service, you can disable it entirely by turning off the service.

Open up Services through control panel, or by typing services.msc into the start menu search box. Find “Windows Search” in the list of services and double-click on it to open it.Change the Startup type of the service to Disabled, and then click the Stop button to stop the service.

Transfer File Using Remote Desktop

Transfer File Using Remote Desktop
We can share our local disk and make the local disk available on the remote desktop for file transferring and some other purposes. To make the local disk available/share for remote desktop, do the following.
1) Type mstsc in command prompt.
2) A Remote Desktop Connection Pop up will appear. Click on the options button of that pop up.
3) Click on Local Resources tab and select the Disk Drives check box and then click on connect.

After this we will be able to see the our ( local )drives on the remote desktop, and can copy the files as per need.