Which One Is Better:AVAST OR NORTON

Dear Readers,this article is totally based on the users of this software,and not a personal opinion.

Some users say,AVAST is Better,some other says no NORTON is best.

Their views are described below:

"Norton sucks the pc,slowdown it too much that if become difficult to continue with it."

"Why is Avast better than Norton? Seems more complicated to run at first"

"Avast is so much better that you can't hardly compare them...I would rather not have any protection on my computer than run some crap like Norton on it"

"One big issue is the amount of resources used by Norton AV05. Removing it & installing a lighter AV program like Avast or AVG acts much like getting a cpu or memory upgrade"

"Avast automatically updates, automatically scans everything and tells you when you get something bad(basically, you never should have to scan your comp for viruses), plus it is free, take up less resources...there is nothing that Norton is better at...well, other than sucking"

"One thing I noticed with Avast is it detects a lot of false positives more than it's found viruses on my system. So far only one trojan and virus it removed that was something I downloaded and scanned with Avast. Generally there are no descriptions and usually just claim files to be a trojan. I had given up trying to submit or write reports that they are false positives. I just installed Avast and Spyware one day when microsoft antispyware missed a trojan that started loading spyware onto my system. It messed up my symantec antivirus corporate edition because there was an update I needed to install.After installing spysweeper, it took out the trojan and the malware/spyware and avast didn't have to do anything as it was clean from there.However Avast found several files that were false positives which I guess makes up for all those viruses that norton misses."

"Nothing is better than anything (cycle)avast is free and does not use a lot of system resource so avast win "

"Lol, Norton sucks! xP.Did I mention that I would much rather run no antivirus than run norton...I wouldn't use norton if they paid me to(well...mabey a few hundred a day and I might...but otherwise no) "

"Norton, AVG and McAfee are all crap.Avast is best for free av and Nod32 or Kaspersky for the best"

"have any of you tried 'avast' ? it's supposedly free and what Im using right now, but I don't know if its any good..I might check out AVG later."
"Norton is better,it scan everything,the temporary files also,with quick review"

This article is nowhere related to anyone personally,its all from the public feedback on the internet.
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October 7, 2007 at 6:57 AM

Listen people...Avast is NUMERO UNO!!!


January 25, 2011 at 6:32 AM

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February 4, 2011 at 3:40 AM

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March 4, 2011 at 9:53 AM

I have had avast! for a year now. Before I had avast! I had some low grade anti-virus program that allowed a virus on to my computer and destroyed my HD. The virus was Anti Virus Live, Which is a Trojan Horse virus that produces pop-ups and the more you suppress the pop ups the more infected your hd becomes. I have gotten the same virus with avast! but avast! stopped it in it's tracks as well as many other viruses that could have potentially harmed my computer. I am a believer. Tried Norton and know people who have it. Too slow and no body likes it because of that other than that I guess norton is ok but I wouldn't use it.