Naked Paris Hilton used By Hackers

Hackers found hole in Vista

Even the vista is not safe.A hole has been discovered in it.Internet and computer security firms are warning Window’s Vista users to stay away from spam emails offering a peak at a naked Paris Hilton! Hacker’s have found a hole in Vista and are exploiting it by luring users with subject lines promising “Hot pictures of Paris Hilton nude” with a link to a website that inserts Trojan Horse type code into the system.This Trojen Horse get installed on computer as it is clicked and make the computer data available to the hackers.Honestly, who would click on these emails? Is there anyone left in the world outside of Amish country that hasn’t seen Paris Hilton in some sort of undress? These hackers would be better off luring us with someone not so over exposed like britney spears or other.
So,beware of this kind of fake e-mails,and if you get this kind of e-mails,don't click on this e-mails.It would be better to delete them without clicking or use some antivirus to detect them.



April 14, 2007 at 1:49 AM

That's good to know, not that I would ever open an email labeled in such a way. Haven’t we all had enough of Paris Hilton? Well, maybe not, what would the media do without her? Oh and especially Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?!? I work for NBC, and you guys have to check out www.Dotcomedy.com There is a very funny skit by Triumph on, “Pooping on Paris Hilton,” here’s the link: http://video.dotcomedy.com/player/?id=87873
Just goes to show we all need a little Paris in our lives. There are many other clips you have to see. Triumph is a riot and I promise, Dotcomedy.com won’t give you any kind of virus! So go check it out will ya’ and don't forget to keep going back for more, there are new clips every week.

  Biby Cletus

April 14, 2007 at 10:11 AM

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