View Match Live Online

There are different websites which provide the luxury to watch the live matches online.
Here are few links. If you dont have the tv, don't worry, this will help you watch the matches live.

1) http://www.ipl.indiatimes.com/            Provides Video
     This is one over slower then live.
2) http://www.crictime.com/watch-live-cricket-streaming.htm         Provides Video
     This is faster one.
3) youtube.com
4) cricbuzz.com         Only Webpage  faster one
5) cricinfo.com          Only Webpage 

Note:- This review is based on my experiances.

How To Bookmark WebPage In Browser

How To Bookmark WebPage In Browser

This is quite simple but always we forgot to do this. In this post we will recall how to add the webpage to the bookmark or to add to favourites. By doing this, we save the link of the webpage for future reference. Here are the steps to do this:

1) Go to the page you want to bookmark/add to your favourites.
2) Click Favorites in the top menu bar then Add to Favorites.

Also you can use the Ctrl+D button to bring the pop up in front.

3)The Add Favorite dialogue box appears. The title from the web page will be in the name box. Click the Create In button
4) You can click OK button or can customize as per requirement.