Free Antivirus Download Roots Out Rootkits

Rootkits are becoming more dangerous in comparison to earlier malware because they are often overlooked by conventional antivirus systems. They execute by embedding applications within the operating system, so it is important to correctly distinguish between malicious rootkits and legitimately hidden processes.Rootkits, a specific malware type which hides in other applications or in a computer's operating system kernel, allow malicious applications to collect passwords and sensitive data from the infected computer without user knowledge. This collected personal information can be used to create spam from the infected computer as well as other criminal activities.Larry Bridwell, vice president of Global Security Strategies for Grisoft explain"Rootkits are computer code that attempt to hide their actions and processes, making the job of detecting the code and the harmful processes very difficult,". "AVG Anti-Rootkit is developed to detect and destroy rootkits effectively, without bothering users with false alarms." Even if an antivirus program detected intrusions in files on the hard drive after scanning every file, it cannot completely remove the altered files. Once the user reboots the computer, the rootkit recreates the necessary files."Rootkits fool these antivirus applications and change the kernel so they can operate at ring 0 as hidden files. When a traditional antivirus scan is performed, they find nothing," said Carlson.
One Thinking Of Removal
Grisoft decided to release the free rootkit download now rather than waiting. The company plans to offer a paid version of the rootkit technology in the fall as part of the release of its version 8.0 security suite. "We didn't want to hold up getting this protection into the hands of 50 million people relying on our free security products," Carlson explained