Stay Safe On Net with All-In-One User-Friendly Software

All-In-One User-friendly software helps you stay safe on the Net

NEW TREND Micro's PC-Cillin Internet Security 2007 is marketed as a one-stop protection for all your Internet needs which includes antivirus, antispyware, firewall, fraud defence and network monitoring security.You can install PC-Cillin on up to three different PCs. Interface wise, PC-Cillin does nothing to look different from other security suites. In any case, the interface is easy to use even beginners will have no trouble getting to the individual features such as firewall and email scanning.
Once the program is up and running you will be asked to perform a full scan of your hard drive. PC-Cillin conveniently splits the results of the scan into three main categories: Viruses, Spyware and Microsoft System Vulnerabilities.
The program's antivirus function proves adequate protection from online threats. The antivirus can be set to scan all files on access and even automatically schedules a wide variety of scan types. On a relatively clean system, PC-Cillin was able to scan it in under 10 minutes.
PC-Cillin also performs other tasks like monitoring network traffic, multi-layered scanning of compressed files for viruses and automatic protection of other PCs on your network.
We liked the fact that PC-Cillin not only identifies potential security holes in your system but it even prompts you to update the program by linking you to all the files you need.
This can come in useful if you don't constantly update your system or missed out on one particular update. PC-Cillin also covers popular Instant Messaging clients such as MSN Messenger. It also filters spam, though it does this with varying results, as it will occasionally let one or two slip through. You can set three levels of spam detection if you find the current level inadequate. But be warned that a higher level of detection would result in more email messages being flagged as spam.
In addition to all the other features, Trend Micro has provided Transaction Guard, a tool designed to protect users while making online transactions on an unsecured public computer.
It features two forms of protection with one being a spyware monitor, which lets you know whether you are on a secure site.
All in all, PC-Cillin Internet Security 2007 provides a one-stop security package for mobile users.
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