What Is A IMEI Number

What Is A IMEI Number

IMEI=International Mobile Equipment Identification
IMEI is a 15-digit code assigned to a mobile handset. It helps to identify a stolen handset and also helps the security agencies to track the users. No two mobile phones have same IMEI number, since it’s a unique number.

How To Check Your Mobile Phone’s IMEI Validity
1. On your mobile’s home screen, type in the following code ” *#06# ” (Without quotes). Otherwise check the compliance plate under the battery.

2. Type an SMS “IMEI {followed by your} (15 digit IMEI No.) and send it to 53232.
For example, type IMEI 123456789012345 and send it to 53232. and Rs.3/- charge for each SMS.
‘Success’, is displayed, if your IMEI number is Valid.
‘Invalid IMEI’, is displayed for incorrect IMEI.

3. You can also check your IMEI number validity online. For that, you have to go to those sites that provide this facility and put your IMEI number in the given box. Within few minutes after verifying, you will be intimated whether your IMEI number is legitimate or not.

The IMEI Number has the following structure.
The first two digits indicated by NN is the code of the reporting body such as MSAI. The next six digits indicated by XXXXXX is the type identifier defined by MSAI. These numbers are assigned by MSAI but is given to the mobile equipment manufacturers for identifying different handsets uniquely. The last digit denoted by A is a check digit that is a function of the previous 14 digits and is used to check that none of the digits are entered incorrectly.

If you know your IMEI number you can check your device status by visiting TrackIMEI.com and entering the IMEI number. You’ll get the information about the handset you are using and also you’ll know if there is any theft record of the phone.



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