newfolder.exe virus-get rid of it
New Folder.exe is one of the virus,which can damage your files,computer.This virus disables your taskmanager,registry file,group policy editing,so,it become very difficult to work on the computer.It will create exes like the icon of folders. If this virus is running it will use more than 50 % of your processor and slowdown the computer.This also disables the folder options and hide the hidden files and folder.
How to delete this file
To delete this file download the antivirus ESET NOD32.You can download this from here
Install this antivirus and remove the virus.After that type gpedit in the run window.In the user settings ,disable those features which are not working.Now taskmanager,regedit become to work.But,folder options are still not there.To enable this,go to registry by typing regedit in command prompt,and search for the key:

You will see:
NofolderOptions      REG_DWORD                   0*00000000(1)

Delete this key or set the value 0.

Now everything is OK.Never click to this folder type file again.



March 23, 2008 at 2:28 AM

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