First of all,let's understand what the exe file is.EXE is the common filename extension for denoting an executable file (a program) in the OpenVMS, DOS, Microsoft Windows, ReactOS, and OS/2 operating systems. Besides the executable program itself, many EXE files contain other components called resources, such as bitmaps and icons which the executable program may use for its graphical user interface.The DOS executable file format differs from the COM executable, which is limited to slightly less than 64 KB in size and since it lacks relocation information, can only contain one code segment. The DOS executable header contains such relocation information, which allows multiple segments to be loaded at arbitrary memory addresses, and support executables larger than 64 KB.

When the EXE file is compiled,all the information about classes, variables,filenames etc. is lost .Compiling and Linking convert the codes into machine level language.So it is very difficult to get back the complete source code.However,using the Reverse Engineering tehnique we can get some information in the form of machine language.Also we can use the decoder software to do the task.Decoder like


2)PE Explorer

can be used for this purpose. Disassem.exe is a fully functional win32program dissassembler.This software supports the portable executable file.
If you have the more knowledge,kindly send me the post,as I dont know much about this.



March 6, 2008 at 7:52 PM

See Here or Here


November 9, 2008 at 12:25 AM

i tried different .. levels of reverse engineering .. but didnt helped.. any suggestions?