How To Work With Google-|

Google The Oracle

You must have watched the movie 'The Matrix',who is oracle in that movie,she was the one who has answer to all the question and knows everything.In our Computer World the oracle is the google itself.It has answer to all the question.The only thing is to know is how to talk to google.You must know how to work on google.In this article we will discuss on that topic.

A)The 'A' area in the figure are the tabs which allow you to navigate to the google different tools like,Gmail,orkut,images,news.
1)Search term input textfield:In this you type the word to be search.
2)Google Search:This tab allow to perform search on the given text field .
You must already be knowing this terms,but the below one are really tricky and interesting.

3)I'm feeling lucky:Very few people know about this button.Instead of presenting a list of search results,this button forward the highest-ranked page for the entered search term.Also this page is most relevant page for the entered search term.
4)Advanced search :This links takes you to thr advanced search page.This page contains the advanced feature to for the search results to be very specific.
5)Preferences:This links allow you to select several options.This includes language selection,filter,safe search.
6)Language Tools:This allows to set many different language options and translate text to and from various language.
In the next section we will see on how to search effectively and efficiently on google.